Market And Promote Your Product or Service in Daily Deals

Market And Promote Your Product or Service in Daily Deals

Marketing and promoting your local business deals online is the emerging trend for small businesses. They realize millions of online consumers are using search engines and social media to find local business deals. Groupon is one such daily deal coupon site that has shown local business online daily deals can draw tremendous traffic from the budget conscious customers.

Saving money is a top priority for budget conscious consumers in this slow economy. They are looking for local product and service providers with a valuable daily deal online. Target these group of deal finders is a smart strategy that can draw traffic to your local business.



There are websites that allows you to market your local deals, coupons and promotions very easily. Just create a deal that your customers are looking for and post your valued offer, it’s that easy!

Below are some examples of a local auto repair business deals that can give you an idea on how to kick start your marketing and promotions of daily deal campaign and draw in local customers searching for your deals!

Take a look at these examples and come up with a valuable offer. Pay particular close to the professionals that craft their promotional messages for deals on the internet and print media and key in on what will work for you.

  • Brakes Forever Never Buy Brakes Again
  • Big Tire and Brakes Sales Event
  • Repair Service with a $40 Rebate
  • Buy 3 Tires Get 1 Free
  • The Works Fuel Saver Package with Synthetic Blend Oil $39.95 or less
  • Warning Light Analysis for FREE
  • Save $20.00 Off on any computer fault code diagnostics
  • Nitrogen Tire Filling Service for $19.99
  • Air Conditioner Service for $69.99

Here are some keywords search suggestions for “auto repair” from Google and Yahoo:

  • auto repair manuals
  • auto repair shops
  • auto repair help
  • online auto repair
  • auto repair questions
  • Chilton auto repair
  • do it yourself auto repair
  • auto repair estimates
  • auto repair insurance
  • diy auto repair

Marketing and promotions should be at the top of a business owner’s to-do list Daily deal promotions allow local business owners to bring new clients to their business and create excitement for existing customers about new products or services. These promotions allow a business to feature a product or service at a large discount and reap the benefits of increased traffic. Correct promotion through daily deal services can help a small business drive more traffic quickly in the viral and social marketing media when customers share the valuable money saving deals through sharing and linking tools found at daily deal websites.

Here are 3 easy steps to promote your local business online deals.

Step #1: Choose a specific service or product to promote and create your promotional daily deal offer. Determine the price point and set the numbers available for the daily deal. Pay very close attention to the amount of money the daily deal service takes from the price of each deal when setting the overall price point to avoid accidental losses. Promote something of value with a money saving discount like buy 1 get 1 free or 65 % off an item. Look at sample daily deal offers similar to your business on the internet and newspapers. Use these ideas to create your own promotional daily deals Also, use targeted keywords in your promotional message like (auto repair, deals, coupons, your business location) to target the words your local customers are searching online for.

Step #2: Go and select a Daily Deal Service Sites like:

  • groupon
  • livingsocial
  • local.amazon
  • woot

to promote your daily deal.

Step #3: Staff adequately to accommodate an influx of calls and questions during the promotional period. Once the deal goes live, many customers will call your business with questions about the promotion or to see if other choices are available. Businesses providing excellent customer service can promote positive feedback and word-of-mouth advertising to drum up additional business..

Rinse and Repeat. There are so many ways to market and promote your local business valuable deals like Holidays: Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, also Deals, Specials, Coupons, Day of week, etc. Remember, key is spending time creating your targeted local business promotional message for deals and “PROMOTE YOUR DEALS OFTEN!”.

The key is getting your mindset in marketing and promotion of deals on the internet. There are so many events and holidays in a calendar year. The secret is doing this task as part of you daily routine. Use the internet to draw in customers. Remember planning, marketing and implementing your business promotions deals are keys to being successful these days.



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